Well Service Pumps SPM™ TWS 600S HD

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The SPM™ TWS 600S HD pump is specifically engineered to reduce downtime due to maintenance while improving rod load and high pressure capabilities. The heavy duty design is built with quick and practical maintenance in mind, while supplying 6% higher rod load at pressures of 15,000 psi utilizing a 3-inch plunger and 20,000 psi utilizing a 2.5-inch plunger. The SPM™ TWS 600S HD pump is designed to eliminate contamination from pumping media into the power end, extending pump component life. Retrofit kits are available for customers currently operating SPM™ TWS 600S pumps. Customers are able to update their units to the latest technology without the capital investment of a completely new unit.

Product Specifications for SPM™ TWS 600S HD

Horse Power 600 600

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