Well Service Pumps SPM™ QEM 5000 E-Frac Pump

Key Specs

87 in
2210 mm
116 in
2946 mm
54 in
1372 mm


The SPM™QEM 5000 E-Frac Pump represents two worldwide firsts: a frac pump designed from the ground up for electric or gas turbine and 5,000-horsepower capacity in a single unit, rated for service at 100% of rod load, 24 hours a day, even in extreme conditions.SPM Oil & Gas engineers were in the unique position to expand on the structural advances of the 3,000-HP Quintuplex Extended Max (QEM) to develop a 5,000-HP pump that is capable of running all day, every day at full rod load.

Product Specifications for SPM™ QEM 5000 E-Frac Pump

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