SPM™ EdgeX Valve and Carbide Seat - Permian Basin

760 Hours of Seat Life in the Permian

760 Hours of Seat Life in the Permian
760 Hours of Seat Life in the Permian

Eliminated field replacements

Reinforeced the key wear area with tungsten carbide

Enabled compatibility with any tapered fluid end

Resisted shattering

Reduced safety risks and unplanned downtime


One seat ran 760 hours

8x longer seat life

Zero on-site seat maintenance


SPM™ EdgeX Valve and Carbide Seat

SPM™ EdgeX Valve and Carbide Seat

The Overview

A Permian operator wanted to optimize the maintenance—and associated costs—of its frac equipment and consumables. SPM™ Oil & Gas proposed a field trial with SPM™ EdgeX Carbide Seats across three sites. The operator ran the engineered carbide seats an average of 655 hours—more than 8X longer than previous seats. One seat lasted 760 hours, setting a record for the longest life of an SPM™ EdgeX Carbide Seat in North America.

The Challenge

The resource-rich Permian Basin is one of the most active plays in North America. Unlike other shale plays, the Permian has greater geologic complexity, which can put increased pressure on equipment and increase consumables costs.

An oilfield services provider operating pumps in the Permian wanted to improve operational efficiencies on its multiwell pads by reducing maintenance expenses and nonproductive time (NPT). When pumping 550,000 to 650,000 pounds of 100-mesh sand per stage at 8,000 to 11,000 psi, standard steel seats were only lasting 60 to 100 hours. The company was replacing seats every 80 hours, resulting in high materials and labor costs. To maximize operational efficiency and improve worksite safety, it was looking for a way to stop pulling seats on the field.

The Approach

SPM™ Oil & Gas’ team recommended using SPM™ EdgeX Carbide Seats, which offer greater resistance to wear, cracking, and washout—even with large particles. Extensive lab and field testing showed an average of six times longer life than conventional steel seats. The carbide-reinforced seats were designed to protect high-wear areas while fitting with the customer’s standard taper fluid ends and eliminating sensitivity to installation errors.

The Result

The SPM™ EdgeX Carbide Seat produced substantial results for the oilfield services provider. Not only did the SPM™ EdgeX Carbide Seats last eight times longer than the previous seats, the SPM™ EdgeX Carbide Seats eliminated shattering risk and on-site seat replacements, unlike competitors’ seats. SPM™ EdgeX Carbide Seat reduced the total amount of time spent pulling seats by approximately 16 hours.

The operator ran the SPM™ EdgeX Carbide Seats an average of 655 hours—delivering approximately 720% longer life than steel seats that last an average of just 80 hours. One seat ran 760 hours—setting a record for the longest-lasting SPM™ EdgeX Seat in North America. Based on the longevity and reduced maintenance time, the operator plans to outfit an entire fleet with SPM™ EdgeX Carbide Seats.

The Solution

SPM™ Oil & Gas’ patented SPM™ EdgeX Valve and Carbide Seat sets a new industry standard by increasing seat life an average of six times compared to conventional steel seats and doubling valve life. It is a timely solution for operators focused on pump utilization and reducing downtime for pump maintenance. Engineered with the nuances of the entire frac site in mind, the SPM™ EdgeX Valve and Carbide Seat enables operators to push their frac fleets harder while significantly reducing maintenance costs for valves and seats. This dramatic increase in longevity enables operators to eliminate field changeouts and reduce expenses for a costly consumable.

Map of Permian Basin

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