SPM™ Seaboard™ Offline Cementing

Improves on site efficiency and cost 

SPM™ Seaboard™ Offline Cementing
SPM™ Seaboard™ Offline Cementing

Decreases flat time and total expenses by taking cementing off the rig

Increases operational efficiencies as utilization of rig is fully maximized

Meets cellar height restrictions

Superior service quality and unparalleled engineering expertise

Improves per-rig drilling efficiency, reduces cycle time, and lowers total well cost

Improves safety

Reduces NPT


Reduce NPT 8-10 hours saved per cycle time

Total savings of $1.9 million

The Challenge

A Fortune 500 energy corporation realized that a significant amount of Non-Productive Time (NPT) it was experiencing on a 60-well pad operation in South Texas was tied to crew waiting on cement to set. In an effort to reduce flat time, optimize drilling efficiency, and reduce cycle time, the operating company engaged SPM™ Oil & Gas (SPM™) to engineer a solution to take the cementing portion of the simultaneous operation safely off the critical path.

With multi-well pad drilling, NPT is common while crews wait on each other to complete each operation. Taking activities off the critical path can reduce NPT and create greater efficiencies that generate significant cost savings.

The Approach

SPM’s team of engineers worked closely with the operating company’s drilling experts to successfully design a compact, reliable, and safe system that meets cellar height requirements and attaches to SPM’s S-29 ULR Wellhead to enable offline cementing for production casing. The SPM team installed the offline cementing system at the wellsite, and then the company’s cementing crew successfully connected its cement head to the system and completed the cementing operation

The Result

SPM’s Offline Cementing Solution for the operator resulted in a significant reduction in NPT and cost savings. As a result, the operator applied SPM’s Offline Cementing Service to its additional wells on the site, saving eight-10 hours of cycle time and approximately $32,000 = 8-10 hours simultaneous operations .

The Innovation

SPM’s Offline Cementing Service safely takes the cementing process off the critical path of the rig so that operators engaged in simultaneous, multi-well pad operations can reduce the risk of NPT, improve drilling efficiency, decrease cycle time, and lower their overall CAPEX. This method allows operators to skid over to the next well to begin rigging up while another well is cementing casing strings offline. Conventional cementing on a rig equates to approximately $10,000/hour whereas offline cementing designed for multi-well pad operations costs approximately $3,000/hour. 

Map of South Texas

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