Achieves Zero Lost-Time Injuries, Breaks Annual Safety Record 

Simplified frac site helps reduce NPT and HSE risks 

Achieves Zero Lost-Time Injuries, Breaks Annual Safety Record
Achieves Zero Lost-Time Injuries, Breaks Annual Safety Record

Decreased erosion by approximately 70%

Replaced six flow lines between the frav manifold and the wellhead

Achieved zero lost-time injuries (LTIs)


The Challenge

The operator actively explores and develops unconventional reserves throughout the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, primarily focusing on the gas- and condensate-rich Montney Formation. With reserves estimated at 449 Tcf, the Montney formation is among the world’s largest natural gas plays. To produce it, operators must use innovative technologies—such as multiwell pad operations, directional drilling, and multistage hydraulic fracturing—to maximize efficiency and develop these wells in a way that is safe, economical, and sustainable

The Approach

To help the operator save time and reduce operational risk, SPM™ Oil & Gas (SPM), their sole wellhead partner, approached the operator about using the SPM™ Seaboard™ One Straight Line (OSL) Frac Connection. The OSL Frac Connection replaces hammer union connections with flanges, dramatically reducing the amount of iron and connections required on the wellsite. Instead of six flow lines between the frac manifold and the wellhead, the innovative frac connection features just one simple, large-bore connection—for faster rig-up time and fewer safety risks.

Prior to starting the job, SPM engineers debriefed the company and conducted rigorous computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations to predict erosion. The results helped NuVista minimize erosion and prolong frac equipment life. 

The Result

The operator deployed the OSL Frac Connection on an eight-well pad. SPM mobilized and rigged up the new frac connection within 48 hours—saving approximately $63,000 and five days of setup time compared to a traditional hammer union configuration. Today, they routinely uses the OSL Frac Connection to pump more than 5,000 tons of proppant per well.

This move helped the operator set a new record in safety. For the first year in the company’s history, they achieved zero lost-time injuries, including employees and contractors. The Canadian operator recognized SPM for its contribution to this exemplary achievement and its ongoing commitment to communication, safety, and environmental protection.

The Solution

Engineered for demanding frac applications, the patent-pending SPM Seaboard One Straight Line Frac Connection significantly reduces the amount of iron and connections required on the wellsite. This means a corresponding reduction in nonproductive time (NPT), rig-up time, labor costs, potential leak paths, and safety hazards.

Map of Montney Shale

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