Three Reasons to Choose SPM™ EdgeX Expendables

After fuel, the biggest costs for operators are frac pump expendables. Companies want to reduce costs related to fluid end maintenance and downtime. They also want to push frac fleets further and improve uptime, efficiency, and reliability. What is one way to address these pressing needs? Using the SPM™ EdgeX Valve and EdgeX Carbide Seat, which are field-proven to extend valve and seat life.

The EdgeX Valve and EdgeX Carbide Seat help support companies’ goals in three ways:

  1. Lower total cost of ownership (TCO): Savings add up when operators and oilfield service providers spend less on expendables and maintenance. The EdgeX Carbide Seat has a lifespan of more than 500 hours. That’s six times longer than conventional seats. Its patented tungsten carbide insert technology significantly outlasts conventional steel seats. Similarly, the EdgeX Valve lasts twice as long as conventional valves and maximizes the seat’s performance. There’s also less wear and tear, which reduces costs.
  2. Increased uptime: The EdgeX Carbide Seat can withstand wear, cracking and washout under the harshest pumping conditions. It also addresses another challenge: serviceability. Using standard tooling in the field, the 30° strike angle means easy change-outs, which dramatically lowers on-site risk, maintenance and downtime. That means more pumping time.
  3. Longer valve and seat life: For an operator in the Permian Basin using the EdgeX Valve and EdgeX Carbide Seat, the EdgeX Valve lasted 220 hours and the EdgeX Carbide Seat lasted, on average, 655 hours. For another operator in the Montney Basin, the EdgeX Carbide Seat even lasted for 760 hours! In comparison, the operator’s conventional valves and seats lasted 110 hours and 80 hours on average, respectively. With fewer change-outs, companies can lower expenses, maintenance and safety risks.
EdgeX Valve


The high-performance SPM EdgeX Valve and EdgeX Carbide Seat are built to withstand the wear-and-tear of today’s pumping conditions. Expendables that last longer and require less maintenance provide more uptime, cost savings and pumping hours.