SPM Recognizes Veterans

Each November 11, the U.S. observes Veterans Day, honoring those who have served their country in the armed forces. SPM Oil & Gas is proud to employ quite a few veterans whose experience and skills from their time in military service help them support our organization in countless ways.

David Beilin, Distribution

David Beilin, SPM Oil & Gas Distribution Center Manager for Fort Worth, served in the U.S. Navy for more than a decade, including several years of active duty. Starting as a machinist mate and moving on to join an assault craft unit, his service included a stint in the Middle East helping the Army provide transport and security detail. When he was ready to move on to civilian life, he interviewed for a distribution role with an Army major who found David’s background to be a fit with the job. He’s now worked in distribution manufacturing for more than 20 years, coming to SPM Oil & Gas in 2018.

I’ve always been a natural leader. I joined the Navy because I wanted my kids to be proud of me,” David explained. “When I was deployed and saw that side of the military in a war zone, that’s really when my freedom meant so much more to me.”

Michael Modeer, Supply Chain & Purchasing

Michael Modeer, Director of Supply Chain & Purchasing for SPM Oil & Gas, comes from a family of Naval officers and decided at age nine that he wanted to attend the Naval Academy. He specialized in surface warfare – including counterpiracy and counternarcotics – traveling to almost 70 countries during his active service. After serving as a commanding officer of an installation in Peoria, he decided to investigate civilian opportunities and connected with Caterpillar. While he was initially hired for project management, he quickly transitioned to supply chain management. He finds his Naval experience very useful in this role.

“The Navy empowers a lot of young people to make decisions. You trust in your people and give them the opportunity to make those decisions,” he stated. He uses the same approach at SPM Oil & Gas.

Bryan Wagner, Product Management & Engineering

SPM Oil & Gas Director of Product Management & Engineering, Bryan Wagner, has changed the way SPM Oil & Gas approaches product development by helping it shift to focus on solving customers’ problems holistically rather than making a better piece of equipment without considering the rest of the frac site. He is passionate about building teams that work to recognize customer needs and find unique and impactful solutions. It’s an approach he learned and honed from his time in the military.

Bryan served as a Technical Sergeant for the Force Support Squadron in the Ohio Air National Guard for 13 years, providing logistics and management for all areas of troop support as part of a high-functioning, award-winning team. He actively mentored subordinates and managed groups of technicians. Today, he looks to build dynamic teams for SPM Oil & Gas, teaching individuals to get creative and work through challenges both at work and in his community involvement with Sonny James Equine Ministries in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Steven Youssef, Global Accounts

Steven Youssef, SPM Oil & Gas Global Account Manager, joined the Marine Corps after high school in 2000. Trained as a helicopter mechanic, he was given the opportunity to look for additional duties while stationed in Iraq in 2004 and volunteered to be part of the combat air crew. He assisted with casualty evacuation around Fallujah for several months, often sleeping with his flak jackets and helmet on amid frequent mortar attacks. When his tour of duty was over, he used the mechanical and logistics skills he had developed in the Marines to transition to the energy industry, eventually joining SPM Oil & Gas in 2016. His time in the Marines has stayed with him.

“For me, Veterans Day is definitely a very special day,” Steven said. “I make it a point to take it as a day of reflection and look back and see how far I’ve come, to remember those who don’t get a chance to celebrate Veterans Day with me and make sure that I live for those guys.”