SPM EdgeX Carbide Seat Increases Efficiency with Innovative Design

Efficiency is always top of mind in the oil and gas industry, but how do companies achieve maximum efficiencies? By using innovative solutions to transform the performance and longevity of their pump consumable parts. The SPM EdgeX Carbide Seat’s innovative design supports pressure pumpers’ continuous pursuit of reduced downtime and costs to meet the demands of the field and workforce.

Consumable parts must stand up to routine wear and tear as well as harsh operating conditions. Cold weather, for example, can cause extreme wear, triggering some seats to shatter which can be especially troublesome. A shattered seat not only drives up costs but also creates unplanned downtime.

The SPM EdgeX Suite is specifically engineered to help companies successfully run continuous-duty while lowering costs and non-productive time (NPT). The core of the EdgeX Suite, the EdgeX Carbide Seat, employs a patented insert technology that enhances the longevity and durability of the seat during operations.

SPM™ EdgeX

Our offering delivers operational advantages in three important ways:

It’s long-lasting. The EdgeX Carbide Seat sets a new standard for frac valve seat life, lasting six times longer than conventional valve seats. It pushes seat lifespan to over 500 hours, compared to the 80-hour lifespan of standard seats. This helps significantly reduce maintenance costs and average maintenance cycle times so companies can realize greater operating efficiencies.

It's durable. The EdgeX Carbide Seat’s patented design combines the wearability of tungsten carbide with the reliability and impact resistance of steel, eliminating shattering to promote unprecedented longevity. The EdgeX Carbide Seat is proven to stand up to the toughest conditions – in the Montney/Duvernay, Haynesville and Permian Basins – to resist wear, cracking and washout at pressures up to 12,500 psi with 100-mesh sand.

It's compatible. The EdgeX Carbide Seat is designed to be interchangeable with any standard taper fluid end. It installs like a traditional seat and can be replaced in the field with standard tooling.

Pairing the EdgeX Carbide Seat with the EdgeX Valve maximizes the performance of both consumables, enabling companies to experience six times longer seat life and valves that last twice as long as conventional. This reduces operating spend and positively impacts labor, safety, and job efficiency. The EdgeX Carbide Seat is field-proven to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). Equipping your entire fleet with EdgeX Valves and EdgeX Carbide Seats could save more than $150,000 per fleet per year.

Time is money in the field, and our EdgeX Suite saves companies both by delivering greater operating efficiencies, along with 24/7 service and support when needed to maintain uptime. Now you can push your frac fleets further than ever before with this smart well optimization strategy that stretches your investment and consumables’ lifespans.