Meet SPM Women in Engineering

SPM Oil & Gas celebrates Women’s History month and the contributions women have made in the industry that have continuously encouraged the study and application of STEM.

Let’s meet three of our women engineers and learn more about their passion to pursue a job in engineering. 

Ayan Ibrahimova, Junior Field Service Engineer

My name is Ayan Ibrahimova. I graduated from French-Azerbaijani University (a joint program between Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University and Strasbourg University) with a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering. The last year of my education was based on the syllabus of petroleum exploration and exploitation of Rennes-1 University.

At SPM Oil & Gas, I am working as Junior Field Service engineer and started my work in Baku as an intern a year and a half ago. During my internship, I was able to work with different departments, which helped expand my interpersonal skills and grow my knowledge about the oil and gas industry further.

Now my main responsibilities are:

  • Disassembling, inspection, assembling, and testing rotating equipment
  • Preparing documentation regarding job
  • Reporting to the customer
  • Receiving day-to-day tasks from the manager
Ayan Ibrahimova
Latifa Afandiyeva

Latifa Afandiyeva, Junior Field Service Engineer

My name is Latifa Afandiyeva. I graduated from Azerbaijan State Oil Industrial University (ASOIU), where I majored in Energy Machinery Engineering. I started my journey with SPM Oil & Gas as an intern and worked in multiple departments including procurement, finance, operations, sales & tendering and HR. Working in each of these departments allowed me to understand how they impact the business and expand my knowledge in so many fields from one company.

Currently, I am a Junior Field Service engineer in Baku. My most thrilling role is being one of the Fire Wardens at our facility. Other areas of job performance include:

  • Under Supervision of Engineers strip-down, inspection, and assembling of the pump, motor, compressor, valve, balancing and etc.
  • Assisting OPS managers allocating hrs into our IRP system
  • Utilizing my Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training Certification (BOSIET) daily.

Samira Safarova, CAD Operator

I have always been extremely inspired by the stories of women who were able to go against the system and succeed in men's professions. I was especially struck by the story of Margaret Thatcher.

Gradually, I concluded that despite all the stereotypes and sidelong glances, girls become in-demand engineers will succeed in their professional activities. They will reach no less, and sometimes even greater heights than men. It was then that I decided to become an engineer.

I absolutely love what I do. Every day, every project, every innovative idea makes me want to develop and become the best in the field of Design and Construction. I was lucky to work with a wonderful team, in a company that is growing every day here in Baku. I was especially lucky to work with my Manager Ali Hasanov. This person constantly supports me, motivates, and pushes me to reach new heights!

The journey of training, internships, passing various courses was certainly challenging, but now when I see the result of my work. There is no doubt that I made the right choice. If you follow your dream, put in a lot of perseverance and desire, you can reach great heights!

Samira Safarova