Celebrating Manufacturing Month

(FORT WORTH, TX) October 27, 2022 -  SPMTM Oil & Gas joins Caterpillar to celebrate the work done by our teams across facilities during Manufacturing Month in October. From our technicians to assemblers, our production teams do the work that matters to deliver the highest quality products and services to our customers each day. 

Meet the Makers of SPM Oil and Gas

We're putting a spotlight on several of our employees for Manufacturing Month. These are only some of the hard working, dedicated production employees making a daily difference at SPM Oil and Gas.

Allen Mahurin (Fort Worth) is a Team Lead known for his ability to fix anything! He is a natural problem solver who pays close attention to details and puts his team before himself. Throughout his 15-year career with the company, Mahurin has made significant advancements in the business’ value streams, which have been leveraged by our production teams.

Fun Fact: Allen has been roller skating for over 10 years and is looking forward to teaching his grandchildren how to skate. 

Allen Muhurin

Tuan Nguyen (Fort Worth) loves the challenge of working in manufacturing, because there are so many opportunities to learn and improve his skill set. He has been with the company for over 28 years and passes along his knowledge by training new hires, teaching the importance of taking pride in your craft and keeping safety at the forefront of everything we do.

Fun Fact: Tuan is especially proud of training others and helping them become successful. He enjoys spending time with his family. 

Tuan Nguyen

Floyd St. Julien (Lafayette, LA) walks and talks safety as the chair of his local safety committee. He constantly demonstrates a can-do attitude and is always willing to take on a challenge. Throughout his tenure, he has completed training that has allowed the Louisiana facility to expand its offering beyond onshore operations.

Fun Fact: Floyd enjoys his work and prides himself on being a skilled leader, but he is a fisherman at heart.

Address Not Suggested
Floyd St. Julien

Harold Kern (Ft. Lupton) has enjoyed learning new parts of the business over the past several years, allowing him to grow in his career. His managers praise him for his dependability and trust to take care of customers at a moment’s notice. He always works with integrity and exemplifies safety.

Fun Fact: Harold recently picked up traveling as a second hobby, in addition to his carpentry work.

Ayan Ibrahimova

Brett Szmata (Red Deer, AB) has proven himself to be very adaptable, taking many opportunities to become fluent in additional areas of the business, including iron re-inspection, field safety restraint (FSR), and most recently, shipping & receiving. He is always eager to learn with a positive attitude and enjoys expanding his professional career.

Fun Fact: He is a huge Formula 1 fan and hasn’t missed a Grand Prix in 5 years!

Brett Szmata