Lean Drives Manufacturing Efficiencies that Help Customers Win

Streamlined Processes Ensure Faster Parts Delivery to Reduce NPT

The adoption of lean manufacturing has grown over the past few decades due its proven positive impact on operations and customers. SPM™ Oil & Gas has employed lean principles in its manufacturing operations for more than a decade because of the tremendous advantages it provides both customers and the manufacturing floor.

With more than 1,000 component parts manufactured in its facility, streamlining and optimizing production flow is essential – especially as oil and gas companies rely upon timely availability of these components. Delays in part availability can cause non-productive time (NPT) in the field that could impact frac jobs.

Lean is a continuous improvement process, and SPM Oil & Gas constantly identifies enhancements that benefit the manufacturing flow as well as part availability for oil and gas companies. Modifications to the shop floor layout can impact the pace at which components are finished, which affects customers. Seemingly simple improvements that enable multi-piece components to arrive at the assembly process at the same time with minimized worker disruptions have dramatically reduced lead times and work-in-process (WIP), accelerating the manufacturing process while maintaining quality.

Right-sizing production enables small batches of components to be turned around in just 48 hours. Decreasing the time needed for equipment changeovers further optimizes the manufacturing workflow. With a 40% improvement in production lead time and manufacturing realizing 90% efficiency, lean enables oil and gas companies to receive parts and components faster to help increase uptime in the field.

Customers may not see the inner workings of the manufacturing floor, however, it has a significant impact on their operations. Operators, oilfield service companies and drilling contractors must minimize downtime and NPT to remain competitive and win contracts. Enabling their equipment to remain up and running efficiently is foundational to that objective – and why streamlining parts manufacturing ultimately supports companies’ successful operations.

Blog: Lean Drives Manufacturing Efficiencies that Help Customers Win