Increasing Operational Efficiency with High-Performance Solutions

Pump utilization and maintenance downtime continue to be key areas of focus for oilfield service providers and operators seeking to increase operational efficiency. Leveraging high-performance pump expendables, like the SPM™ EdgeX Carbide Seat, is a valuable strategy to enhance productivity and lower costs – especially as the use of high-horsepower fleets is expected to grow. 

The patented design of the EdgeX Carbide Seat strategically balances the wear-resistance of tungsten carbide with the reliability and impact resistance of steel. This results in significantly reduced wear on the strike face, enabling the EdgeX Carbide Seat to last six times longer than conventional seats. Oilfield service providers in the Montney/Duvernay, Haynesville and Permian have obtained over 500 hours of seat life with this innovative, field-proven technology.  

Given that it takes workers one hour to change 10 valves and seats compared to 15 minutes to only change 10 valves, the EdgeX Carbide Seat substantially reduces seat replacement while minimizing non-productive time (NPT) and safety risks associated with replacing seats in the field. These time savings add up to reduce maintenance costs.

Simplifying part inventory also streamlines operating costs. Employing a standard 30° strike angle ensures the EdgeX Carbide Seat is compatible and interchangeable with any standard taper fluid end, requiring only standard tooling for changeouts. This helps reduce inventory expenses and overhead.


Paring the EdgeX Carbide Seat with the EdgeX Valve, which lasts twice as long as conventional valves, maximizes the longevity of each component. By reducing total cost of ownership 23%, the EdgeX Carbide Seat can deliver significant savings for each fleet equipped with the technology. 

Technological advances are enabling oilfield service providers and operators to increase uptime and reduce costs in new ways. Utilizing the EdgeX Carbide Seat in high-performance fleets can create advantages that help keep costs low.