Superior Customer Service is All in a Day’s Work

Coordinated Teams Work Together with SPM™ Edge Services

Northeast Service Center Team


SPM™ Oil & Gas has one of the largest global network of service locations, and is everywhere customers need us. SPM™ Edge Service Centers are never more than three hours away from every major North American basin.

The Northeast Service Center includes three individual locations: Sayre, Pennsylvania; Muncie, Pennsylvania; and Buckhannon, West Virginia. There are about 75 employees with more than 500 years of experience combined. Brandon Dodge is the Regional Manager for the Northeast Service Center, which serves the Utica and Marcellus. 

Each Northeast location has a particular emphasis. Buckhannon handles power, maintenance and field safety restraints. Muncie consists mainly of a field service crew, and Sayre manages frac rentals. All three locations also provide full aftermarket services.

A Focus on Planning Ahead 

Brandon describes a typical day as one that starts with preparation. Teams look at orders for the coming week to plan logistics. Orders could be an aftermarket parts shipment to a customer's location or personnel placement for a specific site.

"We spend a lot of our time planning, organizing and making sure we go out and perform—not only to the customer's expectations but also to our internal expectations. We always start with production meetings for all current and pending work. We create plans and go from there, ensuring we execute and do continual spot checks."

Helping Oilfield Service Providers Hit Deadlines

How does this focus play out for customers? Going above and beyond is built into the SPM Oil & Gas business model. A recent job that involved repairing 120 pieces of flow iron is an excellent example. 

The team planned for the job to finish a day earlier than requested in case of any unforeseen issues. On the day of pickup, the customer had a last-minute addition. They needed 10-15 additional pieces repaired, even if it meant sending another truck the next day. The team split the task. Some went right to work on the repairs as others loaded the completed pieces, so everything was ready simultaneously. Because the team completed the initial job ahead of schedule, they could add the extra items to the ticket without delay – and without the need for a secondary truck.

Industry expertise, quality products and a dedication to excellent service makes the Northeast Service Center standout. The location is key to keep Marcellus and Utica service providers and operators up and running.