Women Making a Mark in Oil & Gas


Meet Nadiya, a design engineer at SPM, and learn more about her experience in the oil and gas industry. 

I am a Design Engineer and have worked at SPM since 2010. My main experience at SPM is with Flow products (Valves, integrals, swivels, and so on). I work in the NPI team, which means I help with new product development.  

I am very happy with the opportunities here for my professional growth. From various professional courses that keep me up to date with current technologies and tools that make engineering tasks easy to fulfill, to opportunities to practice my skills and experiences to generate new designs and implement them into production. 

SPM's equal opportunity policies make fulfilling my work and professional tasks pleasurable. My team always supports me. I never feel challenged by others in the office, and all my colleagues show respect and are willing to help others advance their professional skills and experiences. 

I am one of those people who is lucky to say I love my job and am happy to go to work. I truly enjoy an opportunity to work at SPM Oil and Gas, and I highly recommend working at SPM Oil & Gas.

Today's women in oil and gas, like Nadiya, a design engineer at SPM Oil & Gas, are paving the way for future generations to experience the benefits of working in this industry. She has been involved in countless new product development projects for SPM's flowline products since 2010. She constantly improves her skills through various growth opportunities and applies what she has learned while working with her team daily.  

 By establishing equal opportunity policies, companies are creating a more welcoming and supportive environment for women like Nadiya and fostering a culture of growth and development. The amount of progress made within the industry has made Nadiya feel comfortable and supported in her role and amongst her colleagues. This is a testament to the positive changes in oil and gas, as more organizations have recognized the importance of diversity and inclusion.

Nadiya's experience at SPM and within the oil and gas industry has allowed her to utilize her STEM background and continue to look for education opportunities and training. She has participated in several courses to keep her and the rest of her team up to date on the latest tools and technologies. This enables her to generate and efficiently put new design ideas into production. 

"I am one of those people who is lucky to say I love my job and am happy to go to work," says Nadiya. By supporting women in the oil and gas industry in the same way Nadiya has experienced, we can encourage more women to enter the oil and gas industry. Applying the same mindset and level of support, women can make strides toward progress in engineering, energy, and the workforce. 

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