Solving Persistent Hydraulic Fracturing Challenges in the Field

Traditionally, the equipment used for hydraulic fracturing operations involves a maze of multiple iron strings, hundreds of moving parts, and numerous twists, turns, and connections. This complexity makes rig-up difficult and time-consuming, which translates to increased costs. The sheer number of components used means workers must constantly navigate around trip hazards that reduce site safety and efficiency. Each moving part or connection represents a potential leak path — resulting in additional maintenance costs and non-productive time (NPT) when failures occur.

Solving those challenges requires removing opportunities for failure

most major area for consideration is simplifying flow technology to minimize complexity, correct tripping hazards, and substantially reduce the number of potential leak paths. Utilizing a limited number of connections reduces the site footprint and amount of iron needed for operations, as well as NPT, possible leak paths, rig-up time, labor costs, and safety hazards. 

SPM™ Simplified Frac Iron System rewrites frac site economics

The more streamlined SPMtm Simplified Frac Iron System features a single, large-bore design and pre-assembled, modular components. This reduces the required connections on a frac site by more than 88% — eliminating much of the ground iron, tripping hazards, and potential leak paths. Its design also features industry-unique seven-inch SPM Isolation and Directional Valves, including a hydraulic actuator for safe remote operations, allowing operators to keep high-pressure fluid in check. Together, these capabilities represent an important advancement that delivers a step change in operational efficiency.

Straight Line Frac

Frac iron that’s field-proven in the Eagle Ford Shale

An operator in the Eagle Ford Shale spent over $1.1 million on 3-inch iron for each rig-up, requiring up to 12 employees to work 8 to 12 hours. After switching to the SPM Simplified Frac Iron System, the operator completed rig-ups with only a few employees working under four hours, achieving significant time and cost efficiencies while creating a safer work environment.

This operator has been running the SPM Simplified Frac Iron System for more than a year—pushing around a billion pounds of sand through it—and the system has required only routine maintenance. They also observed fewer vibrations, reduced valve and seat wear, and a lower cycle rate for equipment components, further saving on maintenance and parts. 

Significant improvements to operational efficiency

With the SPMtm Simplified Frac Iron System, SPM Oil & Gas has transformed the typically disjointed hydraulic fracturing process into one that is streamlined and efficient. Operators can now take advantage of a dramatically reduced amount of iron on-site and a nearly 90% reduction in connections, resulting in greater performance and enhanced efficiency.