Inspiring Women in Engineering

SPM™ Oil & Gas has been championing women in technical, skilled roles for many years. This makes an important impact in the Middle East, where the unemployment rate for young women in the Arab States is projected to be more than double the rate of young unemployed men in the region according to the International Labour Organization.

Women historically have not held technical roles in this geography, however, SPM Oil & Gas is proud to train young women to hold highly skilled roles that are crucial for serving the needs of the region’s large energy companies.

One way that SPM Oil & Gas celebrates women is by recognizing the achievements of women engineers who contribute to the company’s success and break through barriers in their local communities.

Meet Latifa Afandiyeva, a Field Service Engineer in Baku, Azerbaijan.


How did you start your work at SPM Oil & Gas?

I started my journey with SPM Oil & Gas as an intern while  working toward my degree in Energy Machinery Engineering at Azerbaijan State Oil Industrial University. I gained a valuable view of the company by working in multiple departments, including procurement, finance, operations, sales, and human resources.

What is your current role?

I was recently promoted to Field Service Engineer I, making me the first Junior Field Service Engineer to grow within my career path. With time and experience, my role has evolved and I've taken on more responsibility. I've worked in the field and offshore on several occasions, and I now assist the operations manager with planning.


What responsibilities does your role encompass?

My responsibilities are extensive, and I travel regularly to support customers. I ensure the proper inspection, assembly, testing, and maintenance procedures are performed on rotating equipment located at onshore and offshore facilities. I interact with clients daily and prepare technical reports. I’m excited to represent the Operations department in ISO and customer audits, which is an important assignment. Additionally, I track and communicate planning requirements to project managers and the sales team.


How does your current role help you achieve your professional aspirations?

I have wonderful support from my manager who motivates and challenges me by tasking me with responsibilities that stretch me so that I can continue to grow professionally. Now I'm seeking to transition to a position overseas to broaden my experience further.


What would you like to tell you women about pursuing a career in engineering?

Engineering is a challenging and exciting field. It’s important to persevere, plan for your success and take action to pursue your desired career path. Nothing extraordinary ever arises from a place of comfort.

SPM Oil & Gas recognizes the contributions of women in engineering in the Middle East and around the globe. Learn more about its inclusive culture here.