Frac Pumps Provide Leading Pressure Pumper Near Zero NPT and Max Horsepower

Optimizing production and limiting non-productive time (NPT) are two sides of the oilfield operations coin. The entire SPM™ Oil and Gas product catalog satisfies both needs with top-of-the-line site solutions and support. This is just one reason why a major pressure pumping company entered into a substantial multimillion contract to upgrade more than eight fleets with SPM™ WS 335 Frac Pumps. The new pumps are deployed across the Northeast and Southwest U.S. in multiple basins.

NPT is a formidable enemy in the oilfield. Long pumping hours and extreme conditions take a toll on equipment.

Eliminating NPT while consistently pumping 600 hours per month was the pressure pumping company’s highest priority. With an innovative, extraordinarily rugged single-piece cast frame, the WS 335 uniquely met the customer’s operational requirements.

The WS 335 pump’s incredible durability significantly extends its life, dramatically reducing the risk of failure and the resulting NPT compared to conventional welded designs – exactly what the company was looking for.

As a total well services site solutions provider, Caterpillar Oil & Gas seeks to optimize the entire frac site rather than just one piece of equipment. This entailed designing the customer’s pump trailers to maximize pumping hours without sacrificing performance or reliability. Additionally, the customer appreciated the three-pronged aftermarket services approach which ensures access to local engineering experts and highly skilled engineered repairs when needed - all within three hours from every U.S. basin – and industry-leading digital empowerment tools. 

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