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May 23

Simplified frac-iron system exemplifies efficiency trends

Carving out greater efficiencies and cost-savings remain key priorities for oil and gas companies. Our newly enhanced Simplified Frac Iron System helps companies achieve these objectives and optimize the entire frac site in a few ways: reduced NPT, decreased number of on-site connections and plug-and-play flexibility to easily scale up or down.

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May 7

New Streamlined Frac Iron System Unveiled

For many operators, the hydraulic fracturing process is a disjointed one. In response, SPM has developed and launched a field-proven, more streamlined Simplified Frac Iron System to transform hydraulic fracturing that reduces rig-up time, labor costs, fluid turbulence, leak paths and safety hazards.  

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May 3

SPM Oil & Gas Launches System to Enhance the Hydraulic Fracturing Process

Conventional frac operations involve hundreds of moving parts and small-bore iron string. Complexity of this scale means that operators typically see substantial nonproductive time (NPT) due to lengthy set-up, assembly, and connection requirements. The SPM Simplified Frac Iron System streamlines operations and reduces footprint, resulting in greater efficiency during fracturing. 

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