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Executive Viewpoint with Alex Flores

Hear from Alex about the game-changing innovations that have shifted how operators keep their job sites running longer and to max compacity. From equipment improvement to digitization, it is more important than ever for service providers to evolve to support companies changing requirements.

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February 1

SPM's Simplified Frac System Nominated for 2023 Plant Engineering Award

SPM's Simplified Frac Iron System continues to be recognized for its innovation within the industry and has been nominated for Plant Engineering's Product of the year award.

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January 25

High-Performer Spotlight: Brandi English, SPM Oil & Gas, A Caterpillar Company

Marketing Manager, Brandi English, shares her insights on energy services, the technology industry and the experiences she gained while participating in the Executive Leadership Program with the Energy Workforce & Technology Council.

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November 24

Happy Thanksgiving to Our Energy Workforce

A special Thanksgiving podcast with SPM™  Oil & Gas and Vertiten to show some appreciation for our team and other teams within the energy industry who work to keep the lights on, even during the holidays.

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August 12

2022 World Oil Finalists Announced

World Oil announces the finalists for it 2022 World Oil Awards and has recognized SPM™  Oil and Gas and Cat® as finalists for their technological advancements in the upstream energy industry.

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May 23

Simplified Frac-iron System Exemplifies Efficiency Trends

Carving out greater efficiencies and cost-savings remain key priorities for oil and gas companies. Our newly enhanced Simplified Frac Iron System helps companies achieve these objectives and optimize the entire frac site in a few ways: reduced NPT, decreased number of on-site connections and plug-and-play flexibility to easily scale up or down.

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May 7

New Streamlined Frac Iron System Unveiled

For many operators, the hydraulic fracturing process is a disjointed one. In response, SPM has developed and launched a field-proven, more streamlined Simplified Frac Iron System to transform hydraulic fracturing that reduces rig-up time, labor costs, fluid turbulence, leak paths and safety hazards.  

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May 3

SPM Oil & Gas Launches System to Enhance the Hydraulic Fracturing Process

Conventional frac operations involve hundreds of moving parts and small-bore iron string. Complexity of this scale means that operators typically see substantial nonproductive time (NPT) due to lengthy set-up, assembly, and connection requirements. The SPM Simplified Frac Iron System streamlines operations and reduces footprint, resulting in greater efficiency during fracturing. 

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World Oil Deep Dive Podcast

World Oil meets with Director of Engineering, Bryan Wagner, and Product Manager, Collin Garner, at the 2022 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) to discuss SPM's benefits and systematic solution offering designed to increase operation efficiencies and lower NPT.

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April 30 

SPM Oil & Gas Introduces New, More Streamlined Frac Iron System

Equipment assembly and setup for hydraulic fracturing is time-consuming and labor-intensive, requiring significant nonproductive time (NPT) before operations can begin. Additionally, each of the hundreds of moving parts and small-bore iron strings represent a potential leak path, and workers must continuously check connections once operations begin.  
The newly enhanced Simplified Frac Iron System transforms this typically inefficient process by replacing the multiple tie-in lines on a conventional frac tree with a single large-bore inlet connected to the zipper manifold for increased safety while decreasing rig-up time, labor costs, fluid turbulence, potential leak paths and NPT.

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January 31

Middle East Energy Awards 2022: Shortlist Announced

The Middle East Energy Awards shortlist has been announced to celebrate energy projects, initiatives and companies that have changed the way energy is used in the Middle East. This year, the SPM™ KOP AM20 Series Gate Valve is a finalist for Technical Innovation of the Year.

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January 13

Hart Energy Shale 2022 Completion Technology:  Frac Efficiencies Continue to Help Drive Down Costs

As margins grow progressively tighter, companies active in shale plays are seeking greater efficiencies through simul-frac operations, which typically require doubling peripheral equipment such as manifolds and trailers. SPM Oil & Gas has developed an optimized system in which prime movers, electric motors, turbines, gear reduction, trailers, pumps and flow iron work together to maximize efficiency while reducing equipment footprint by as much as 60%.

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E-Frac Pump Reduces Envirnomental Impact

SPM’s QEM 5000 e-frac pump is highlighted in Drilling Contractor Magazine this month as they explain the environmental impact reduction and the features offered by our pump to increase operations and yield cost savings.

Learn more: Drilling Contractor, pg. 48


December 21

Pressure Pumping Advancements That Make a Difference

As companies continue to push their equipment harder and pump longer hours, nonproductive time (NPT) of any kind threatens profitability. The SPM™ EdgeX Carbide Seat is field-proven to increase seat life an average of six times compared to conventional seats, which can substantially reduce downtime caused by field changeouts as well as expenses. 

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December 15

Executive Viewpoint – Emerging into the New Normal with a New Approach

The extraordinary challenges of 2020 have made our industry more nimble and more committed than ever to ensuring a reliable supply of energy. Taking a systems point of view helps move the needle more and enables shale companies to thrive. It’s essential to think bigger and broader to create solutions that drive greater efficiencies while also reducing capex; the two can’t be mutually exclusive.

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August 9

Completions Advances – Protecting Personnel and Equipment in the Continually Evolving Oil Field 

The simul-frac completion technique enables companies to complete stages faster, but it requires a near doubling of equipment, including relief valves. Smart technologies, like the SPM™ SafeEdge Automated Relief Valve Control (ARC) System can eliminate the need to run two separate valves.

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June 30

Leveraging RFID to Simplify Oil and Gas Asset Management

The oil and gas industry often uses manual processes, which increase the margin for error and safety risks. In hydraulic fracturing, manually tracking iron requires two to three employees working for three to four days, a process that requires time and introduces the risk of human error. However, the SPM™ RFID system includes a mobile app and handheld reader that scans and records each piece of iron’s serial number, empowering just one worker to accomplish this task within hours.

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June 21

Artificial Lift – HP/HT Pollution Control

In today’s oilfield environment, emerging artificial lift technologies have the potential to make or break a well’s economic viability. The SPM Oil & Gas pollution-control, high-pressure stuffing box is one example of how a single tool can transform an entire operation. It is rated for wells from 1,500 psi to 5,000 psi— even in temperatures up to 350 F and high-H2S conditions—to ensure safer, more reliable operations for the industry’s harshest wells. 

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April 1

Improving the Bottom Line in the Permian 

Frac fleets are pushed harder year after year. Keeping up the relentless pace forces companies to scrutinize two important aspects of operation: pump utilization and maintenance downtime. One operational pillar that will generate significant costs savings is reduced maintenance. The field-proven SPM™ EdgeX Carbide Seat yields an average six times longer life span than conventional steel seats for reduced maintenance downtime and costs.

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March 30

Keys to a Stronger Bottom Line

Valves, seats and packing are one of the largest maintenance expenses on a frac site. The SPM™ EdgeX Valve and Carbide Seat addresses these challenges by increasing seat life by up to six times compared to conventional seats and providing greater flexibility in the field.

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